Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday Native Foods

We visited our nephews plus their mama and papa this weekend in Orange County. We love to end our visits there with a trip to Native Foods.

Athena loves her kids meal with "save the chicken" nuggets. (she had already eaten a few before I remembered the camera)

Chris and I love everything. Here's a look at our meal, minus dessert. We ate that too fast to photograph.
Philly Peppersteak sandwich with mini greens salad for me.

Chris had chili with cornbread, and the Ensalada azteca. For dessert, we shared a peanut butter parfait. It was hard for me to share.

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DJ said...

That food looks delicious, I'm so envious!!! - we're very limited in our eating out over here in Scotland, most vegan restaurants only provide a variation on simple home-cooking which can get dull after a while. You can only eat so much lentil soup and felafel... We Brits have a way to go to catch up with our transatlantic cousins!