Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went bowling Friday afternoon with Chris' work. It was Athena's first time bowling and she really liked it. She had a bumper lane with all of the kids, and was able to roll her ball by herself and knock down some pins. I think she scored a 41 but she could care less about that. She even got to wear bowling shoes. I got to bowl a game too which was pretty fun. I used to love bowling when I was 10, and then again in college when they'd have those $1 nights. Rowan was a little freaked out by the bowling alley. He wanted to play, but then would cry when we rolled his ball down the lane, maybe worried he wouldn't get it back? It was a lot of stimulation. By the end, he didn't seem to mind, but I bowled the 1st half of the afternoon with him on my hip. Now who can say they've ever done that?!
Who knows when we'll ever do this again, but it sure was fun!


knrush said...

Looks like fun! Let's go sometime.

Sabrina said...

I love bowling. I cannot beleive the girls are big enough to bowl! When did that happen? We miss Athena!