Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 11 - Tortillas

So how many packages of tortillas do you go through each week? My family is tortilla crazy lately and I can't keep up. I'd love to make my own, but honestly with 2 busy small people under age 5 around, I really like to keep things simple. I *wish* I were one of those moms who could calmly bake such things with her little angel helpers in the kitchen with her, all the while passing down these great traditions to my children, but unfortunately that just isn't what happens when I try to cook with my kids. Athena is getting better, but for awhile I don't know why I even tried because it wasn't enjoyable for either of us. I was too controlling, and she was too free spirited. I had rules like "don't stir fast" and she was like "who cares that it flies out of the bowl, this is fun!". So yeah, back to tortillas. We've been going through about 3 packages a week lately. That is insane. I feel like we eat burritos at least a couple of time per week because we all love them, and I can use different fillings depending on what we have in the house. They are just so versatile. Sometimes I'll turn them into enchiladas, or bake them to make them crispy. Tonight we had rice, beans, rice cheese for the kids, salsa for the grown ups, and oven roasted broccoli and corn. I've never roasted broccoli in the oven until tonight and boy have I been missing out. It was so tasty. Rowan wouldn't eat it, and Athena only ate it in order to get a few chips (I know you aren't supposed to do that but heck that is about the only vegetable she has eaten the past 2 days). Chris and I didn't mind as we polished off the entire tray of it. I drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup on it while it cooked at about 400 degrees.


thedalyn said...

Well, around here there's just Josh and I (well, there will be another in about 30 weeks, but...) and we go through a couple packages a week as well; I buy them at Costco to make it manageable. But, everything tastes better wrapped in a tortilla and the dishes are easier to manage afterward. Now if I could just get Josh to learn how to wrap one effectively on his own, we'd be in business.

Barbara said...

we haven't touched anything but tortillas for over 6 months, there isn't anything you cannot put in them! The kids didn't help me alot in the kitchen either, my daughter is 14 now and finally starting to get her hands dirty tho she doesn't enjoy it much. Thanks for all your wonderful posts!

marlene said...

maple syrup on the broccoli! i've never oven roasted it either. now i'm gonna try it. tell me more about the maple syrup. do you think it would be good or too tart without the maple syrup? what is this maple syrup on the broccoli business all about?

also, i knew you'd be into this shirt, but now i must tell you after this post! my americorps friend just had his first baby and i found his son a ruling shirt a the farmers market: a drawing of a little donkey with a sign under it that says "burrito." get it? breetoes are delicious in my mouf!

oh, and here's a good lady shirt he makes:
the baby one is the same as the lady one, minus the burro. he said they both wouldn't fit on the baby-sized clothings.

veganmomma said...

the maple syrup was mostly to entice the kids to eat broccoli (didn't really work though). I'd like it without, but with the maple syrup it does taste pretty good. You could also just add a pinch of sugar.

I like the shirt!