Friday, October 31, 2008

Vegan MoFo - Halloween

I loved Rowan's scrunched up face in this one. This was taken at our playgroup's Halloween party. Rowan had a grand time. It was WAY too hot for him to wear his costume so he happily sported his alien shirt, gobbled up sweets, and climbed trees.
Here the kids are on the way to Athena's school this morning. They had a costume parade and a party at snack time. I hear the bagels and tofutti were a big hit. One of her teachers even asked me where to buy it.
From behind (cat and dog).
Here is what my kids ate for treats.
And here is what they got in their trick or treat bags. What to do with all of the junk? I'm guessing we'll send it to Chris' work although the garbage dumpster is sounding better and better.

If you have vegan kids, then chances are you may give more thought to the traditional trick or treating than others. Each year, I think way too hard about it and it always ends up working out just fine. I usually tell Athena she can pick out 4 vegan candies from her bag and then we should leave the rest for the Halloween fairy who will bring her a special present. This year she chose a package of dots(same as last year and about the only non organic candy she has ever had) and then I just gave her some of the stuff I had brought (see picture) and she was completely satisfied. It was so easy. Rowan pretty much ate the same stuff as Athena, poor kid ate more sugar today then someone his age should eat in a year!
For dinner, we fed the kids some yummy alphabet pasta with Amy's "Family Marinara" pasta sauce, homemade parma, and some Italian field roast sausages (who has time to cook on Halloween?). The kids gobbled up their dinner, which made me happy since I knew the rest of the evening would be a sugar fest.

Kids enjoying their dinner outside at the picnic table.
Halloween cousins.
"I don't want to be a dog I want to be Superman!" I think Rowan noticed all the super hero boys today because when he saw this costume he was pretty certain that it was better than the dog one. It looked way more comfortable at least as the dog one was a little too small.

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Jill said...

Your kids are too cute. Just too cute for words.

Maggie was a black cat, too.

The Great Pumpkin is coming to our house tonight to take the candy from trick or treating and leave a present in its place. Now I can eat all of the candy NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Happy Halloween1