Sunday, November 04, 2007

103 and other stuff

I didn't know my Grandpa on my mom's side very well because he passed away when I was 7 or 8, but from what I remember, he was super nice and funny. When I was visiting my Grandma today, she mentioned to us as we were leaving, "Grandpa would have been 103 today." My mom was with me so I asked her about it on the way home. I guess each year they mention it, but only in passing, she said she doesn't want to bring it up and make my G-ma sad. I also found out their anniversary is June 2nd. Anyway, I was just thinking of my Grandpa and wanted to post about him.
On an entirely different note, my Grandma's house is the only place I ever weigh myself so the kids and I each took a turn...I am 4 lbs over when I got pg with Ro (8 over when I got pg with Athena), Athena was 37.5, and Rowan was 22. I am actually surprised with my weight because I've been eating so horribly lately. Vegan cupcakes, cookies, dark chocolate, those solicious ice cream bars, anything I can get my hands on! It sickens me sometimes. The other night I couldn't sleep because my stomach hurt from eating too much sugar. I usually crave it in the afternoons and evenings, but have been known to eat it the am too. I always think, well at least it is organic, but it is still bad and I should probably keep it in check but there is really no chance of that until 2008 because Nov./Dec. is a big dessert making time for me. Hmm, off to the kitchen to see what I can find, all this talk is making me want dessert.

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