Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Salad Eater

Tonight I made "Noodles Ramona" from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. It was just OK. It went well with the salad I made, but it wasn't my favorite. I think I will still try it again since there is room for variations in the recipe and maybe I'd like it better another way. We ate a bunch of it so it wasn't bad, just not excellent.
I threw together a salad with some random stuff we had, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, plum tomatoes, and cranberries. The dressing was from VLV, it was the "simple cider vinaigrette" and it was so good. I used agave instead of maple syrup because I'm fresh out of maple syrup. So, I served up some of the salad with the dressing on the side for Athena, figuring she'd eat the carrots and cucumbers if I was lucky. Then the strangest thing happened, she ate the carrots and then started to eat the spinach I had torn up into to tiny pieces. She was dipping it in the dressing, and the I heard those words that had never been spoken before. "I want some more of that spinach." Chris and I looked at each other while our jaws dropped to the floor. At first we tried not to make a big deal out of it, but by the end of the dinner we were talking it up, about how she was getting older and ready to try new things. She even took a bite out of the tomato but did not like it. She ate all the cucumbers, carrots, cranberries, and spinach on her plate and then ate about 3 servings more. Her noodles, she ate only half of, the sauce wasn't her favorite. It was a strange night but I have noticed her getting more adventurous, trying new foods and eating ones she doesn't really like just to say that she tried it. I have been encouraging her to eat more fruits and veggies while not quite forcing her (like when she wants a snack[and has had a full meal] I will only offer a fruit or veggie knowing that if she was super hungry she'd eat it). In the past I just let her eat what she liked but realized that approach didn't quite work for her because she stopped eating foods that she had once eaten and became super monotonous in her diet. Now I am so excited, I always wanted to have one of those kids who ate salad, and now I do!


nch said...

Athen is so cute! Porter is all about new food and talks about how when he was little he did not like it but now that he is bigger he likes is.

Luci said...

How cute! The noodles look yummy.
Lola won't eat tomatoes either. unless, of course, if they're in pasta sauce or pizza sauce!

lao80 said...

You are so lucky. I want a salad eater.

Check this out...

Any interest?

veganmomma said...

we were thinking about going, we went last year and it was pretty fun but all the food was eaten quick so i was glad we got there early.
although then new dishes trickled in so it all worked out. I even remember i made some potato dish that was cheesy and they had to make sure it was vegan because they thought it looked real!