Thursday, November 15, 2007

For crying out loud!

I just went and purchased our 4th baby monitor today! You may be wondering why I need a monitor at all in our 800 sq ft. home, but it is because we are evil cosleepers and our bed is up high (DH won't put it on the floor) and although we have a bed rail, Rowan nearly commits suicide about 3 times per day by dangerously poking his head over the edge in a matter of seconds upon waking each and every day. Anyway, our first baby monitor was bought at a resale shop and worked fine and was still packed away when I was pg with baby #2. As we were getting baby stuff out of the garage, I was having trouble locating the monitor, and regrettably mentioned this to my mom who bought us a brand new one. I found the old one about a week later but since a friend was needing one right at that time I decided to pass it along and use our brand new one (should have kept the original one and returned the new one!). The new one was a real lemon and would turn off all the time and was tricky to get the monitors on the same channel. It crapped out one too many times and we tried to return it but without the packaging and receipt we were SOL. So back to the resale shop we went an bought baby monitor #3. This one seemed great but after a few months the cord to the receiver started getting testy and the monitor would sometimes cut out if the power cord wasn't pushed firmly inside, and eventually it just stopped working altogether. We could still power it with batteries, but as of today that feature wasn't functioning either so I went and bought baby monitor #4 which I just think is absolutely ridiculous but at least now I won't be wondering if my baby is going to launch off the bed anytime soon. And he just woke up from his nap for a 2nd round of nursing and it worked like a charm! Yay!

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Luci said...

ha! we went through this huge merry go round of monitors too! What is it that they cost so much and work so little!
p.s. regarding the crockpot, I use mine a lot so it was a good investment...will make a great xmas gift. Want to plant a bug in chris's ear? ;) ha ha!