Monday, November 05, 2007


That is the time right now and both of my kids are napping. You might be thinking, wow, awesome, she's like supermom! But really it bites because it means Athena will be up LATE, and she has school tomorrow. She is always fine though, it is just hard for me to get going with the time change and all. An extra hour they say, but I feel as though I am losing an hour because they wake up an hour earlier! Oh, and I knew she would fall asleep if I let her lay down with the baby and I, so you may be wondering why I let her. Well, you see, I really wasn't up for the whining "but I want to be with YOU". I hear that all day long and sometimes I just want a little space from her, like maybe just 2 inches. Anyone else with a kid whose cord is that short? She really was born with a short umbilical cord, I should have known. The bright side is that I never have to wonder where she is, like at the park for example, she definitely isn't running off anywhere, so that is nice. And while we are on the subject of the girl child, I am having another issue with her. She takes dance and gymnastics classes which she really likes. The problem is that lately she has been getting in trouble in the classes for being goofy or not listening to the teacher. The teachers try and not give her a stamp at the end of class but she always tells me she is fine with that. I guess I am thinking I should take a break from the classes, but then I wonder if we should stay and have her work through it? What would you do? It would be the perfect time to quit since the session ends this week, but for some reason I hesitate to do that. It is weird to me how badly I want her to be one of the "good" kids, but then I remind myself that sometimes the "good" kids don't have nearly the personality that she has. Not to say if you are one of the lucky ones that has a kid like that that your child is lacking in any way, it is just that she doesn't seem to want to conform, and that can be OK too.


chanale said...

Hmm, Eliza started goofing off in dance class a few weeks ago. Most of the hour, she does as she's told, but sometimes she just marches to her own drum beat. This teacher doesn't seem to mind the goofiness as she's a little goofy herself, but Eliza will have to join the "big girls' class" (no parents present) by February, and I doubt the noncompliance will be as well tolerated.

Are you allowed in either of A's classes? If not, I can see how it might be hard to work through things. Would she be terribly upset if she had to take a break?

Diana Montes said...

I have two boys in my preschool class who have undesireable behavior much of the time. They are loud, stubborn, fight, are noncompliant, etc. But, I miss them when they are gone because they are the smartest as well. They answer question directed to the whole group and pay attention to story time. I guess my point is if the teacher isn't complaining and you want her in the class let it be. She is at that age where you can give here a choice. Does SHE want to stay in the class? She's three- she's supposed to be goofy.