Saturday, November 03, 2007

The DH

The DH seems like he has made up his mind to replace the 28 concrete piers that hold up our little 800 sq ft home. We'd like to move soon, somewhere closer to his office and maybe a tad bigger. I actually like a lot about our house, but am looking forward to the move. The cracked piers have been one of our biggest hurdles in getting ready to sell. The 9K estimates that were given made us very sad! Chris is super into building and figuring things out (ME major), but I've been resistant. Mostly because it means he will spend precious weekend time working on this project. Maybe I should plan a weekend trip so he can really focus on it? Any suggestions? The thought of traveling with both kids sounds a little overwhelming, but if it would speed things up on our moving process than maybe it'd be worth it? Anyway, he decided to attempt to replace one today and see how it went and if he thought it was doable, and he says it is, so I am going to try and be more supportive. Oh, and in case you were wondering, when we bought the house, we were given a 5K credit to fix the piers but just never did it and now they are worse and the market is slow, so we don't think anyone would buy this house "as is". There are a few more projects we must complete before selling, patching the wood floors where there was once a floor heater and now just a piece of plywood (we cover it with a rug), finish painting the inside of the house, and getting grass to grow (probably will have to water it or something?) We hate lawns and have let ours go, but every realtor has said, MUST HAVE GREEN GRASS!. So, that is what I've been thinking about a lot lately. I feel like I can't really help with any of the projects because I am always busy with the kids or too tired because of handling the kids all day, and then I feel guilty for that...oh well, life goes on. Meanwhile, I just had a fabulous Indian feast with my bro/SIL and he is starving so I think I'll be nice and go make him one of his green maca smoothies that I loathe.

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erika_deanne said...

Rowan is only 1 pound less than William!!! YOu look fantastic, and all your sweet talk is making me hungry too!.