Friday, November 09, 2007

Only 3 days

Baby Ro went only 3 days without a runny nose, but it started up again yesterday:( That poor baby has had a cold most of his life! On Sunday I noticed I didn't have to wipe his nose at all, then Monday, Athena woke up with a cold and I thought, oh it is her turn. She hasn't been sick much at all other than the minor morning of vomit. Yesterday the baby and I started running, and now we all have a runny nose! Yay! Oh, Chris is fine though, maybe he will get it this weekend. I am so sick of being covered in snot and constantly wiping snot off the baby's face. Athena just sniffs and sniffs so her nose hardly runs, that probably isn't good either though. Ok, off to blow my nose!

EDITORS NOTE: I can't believe I just did a post on snot.

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Luci said...

Now we have snot galore in my house too. I posted on my blog this morning that the girls were really sick, but Lola seems over it already. Elise is still a big snot monster though. Just snot, other than that, she seems fine...good spirits and everything! snot, snot, snot! Jeez! between snot and poop, our kids have us talking about whacky stuff all the time!