Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Mistake!

I was looking over my grocery receipt last night when I came across a $37 bulk purchase. WTF? I thought to myself. I couldn't for the life of me think of anything that would have added up to 37 dollars. Then the kicker was that it was for dry milk powder!!! I've never in my life purchased dry milk powder! I was all pissed off and went to work trying to figure out where my cashier went wrong. It turned out it HAD to be the bananas because they were the only thing missing from the receipt and the weight looked possible (4 lbs.).
I went back to the store today and it turns out the code for bananas is 74 and the cashier had typed 774 which is the code for dry milk powder. They credited that charge back to me so I ended up getting the bananas for free. Hopefully that will cover my gas costs since it is a 20 minute drive to People's for me. Moral of the story, always check your receipt before you leave the store.

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chanale said...

People's once charged me for 44 of something when I only had 4. I was puzzled why my grocery bill was $100 higher than usual when I didn't have that much food - thank goodness I checked the receipt before I left OB. :)