Monday, November 19, 2007

Pleasant Surprise

Tonight was my night off, as in SNB night. I love Mondays but I know I've mentioned that before. My only complaint is that all of the other mamas talk about going home, their kids asleep, quiet house awaits...I usually come home to both my kids waiting for me. It isn't so bad, they usually just need some quick snuggles and/or some milk and they are off to slumberland. Tonight was great though because Athena was sound asleep. Yay! Rowan only needed an immediate 10 minute nurse to sleep session and he was out. I was so happy because Athena really should be in bed by 8 when she doesn't nap and I don't get home until the ungodly hour of, um, 9:30.

Another awesome thing I've discovered is that Rowan can be transferred. That's right, now that he is in a regular car seat I can transfer him asleep from car to bed. This just amazes me as Athena could NEVER be moved, not ever. He also unlatches himself from nursing when he falls asleep which is also amazing to me because Athena used to stay on for hours until I finally would force her off. Anyway, that was a totally random bit to share, but I'm just amazed at my 2 little people. We had a great day today, I tried so hard to be patient with Athena and I didn't turn my computer on in the morning which is really hard for me to do. I also tried to DO stuff with her while Ro was asleep like build a train track and paint her toe nails. I know she enjoyed it.


Elaine said...

YAY for sleeping big kids!

erika_deanne said...

I love coming home to a quite house!

half pint pixie said...

wow transferrable kids, I didn't know they made them like that :) We're very much non-transferrable here!