Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm excited that...

Tomorrow some friends are coming over for brunch. I am excited because 2 of the couples I rarely see since they live in different states (Nevada, Texas). My friend Meghan I've known since 1st grade although we didn't become best friends until 2nd. I didn't think she was very cool in 1st because she had a Dukes of Hazard lunch box and I had Pac Man, just like my 2 best friends Troy and Jeremy. Somehow in 2nd grade I was willing to overlook the lunch box and we have been friends ever since, well, there was actually about a year where we weren't but we were 13 so I don't count it because we all know that 13 year old logic makes a lot of sense. So, the story was something like, I got in a fight with another mutual friend and Meghan took her side, not mine, and I guess I was kind of needy and a pain in the ass at the time so we just stopped hanging out for awhile. We slowly worked each other back into each others lives, it was hard not to because we played on the same soccer team, and were in most of our nerd classes together. By the time we were 21, we were backpacking through Europe together for the summer. She is awesome.
My friend Marlene, I can't pinpoint when we first became friends. Probably in Berkeley, but it was after I graduated I think. She was full of coolness and I knew I wanted to be her friend. We stayed with her for a week in Venice, Italy while she studied abroad. She took such good care of us, I could almost cry, because traveling vegan can be hard, and she could speak Italian and hooked us up with the soy gelato. Anyone who hooks me up with soy gelato is a friend for LIFE. She also doesn't mind if I call her "Aunt Marlene" or "Marlene Ciao Prego", even when neither make any sense.
I'm excited about the other couple coming too because they are awesome and we don't hang out nearly enough. Plus they are friends with Marlene so it's like a lil reunion. Anyway, I'll try to take a picture or two, I seem to always forget. Like tonight, we went out to Sipz with the inlaws and I ordered the "caterpillar" roll and had no idea it was going to look so much like a caterpillar. It kind of felt wrong to eat it, as it was so cute and lovely, but it was delicious too. Damn, I wish I had taken a picture.
Tomorrow I'm going to make roasted potatoes again, tofu scramble, pumpkin carob chip muffins, and probably chocolate walnut scones. I also bought some assorted organic fruit including a pineapple. I hope I have time to prep everything, it can be a real pain when I get these visions and the kids don't cooperate. So, this weekend continues to be all about food, and so far I can still button my jeans.

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marlene said...

So I am very late in telling you this, but THANK YOU for such an awesome time!!! It was so sweet of you to put all of that time and effort into making a TASTIEST brunch for us. I loved getting to see everyone and thanks again for having us all in your home! I hope this starts a fun tradition for you (with people bringing stuff, of course, so you don't have to do all the work!). It's too long until I get to see you dudes again. <3