Saturday, November 17, 2007

APRL Vegan Thanksgiving

We went to a vegan thanksgiving event today and had a lot of fun. I made pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips (adapted from my friend Luci's recipe of Mindless Mom Ramblings), and scalloped potatoes from Vive Le Vegan. The cookies weren't as good as when Luci made them, a little whole wheat tasting, but not bad. The potatoes were delicious and both items were gobbled up by the crowd pretty quickly.

Here's my potluck plate (kind of a mess but it was hard to fill her up with 2 kids hanging on me). There were some outstanding dishes, one with sweet potato, and a really good mac n cheez, salads of all kinds, plus a slew of desserts. I sampled the chocolate silk pie, triple ginger cookies and pecan tarts a la Lindsey of Day to Day vegan, and a peanut butter cookie, oh and some kind of chocolate cake with whip cream on top. Yum Yum Yum! I didn't even eat any of the tofurkey but Athena liked it. I've had it a few too many times the past few holidays and am fine without it now.

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Luci said...

I'm bummed your cookies didn't turn out like you wanted. Couldn't have been bad though, if they got gobbled up that fast! Chocolate chips sound like a great addition! mmmmm!