Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More teeth, glasses, etc.

Rowan has 4 teeth now, it happened over night Sunday. He had bonked the top ones so many times that they just had to break through. It is funny though because it isn't the 2 center top ones, but 1 center and 1 to the right. This was because of him falling that way so many times. So now he is super close to having 5 teeth, whenever the other top center on decides to grace us with its presence. This has happened so fast, his first tooth was on Oct. 20, so just barely over a month ago. A tooth a week is sure a lot of teething. He has been so good about it though. I tried the gumomile teething remedy yesterday and he start screaming. I think it hurt him, probably burned is my guess. I'll probably just stick to his herbs "Tender Teeth", especially since he doesn't complain too much.
Rowan is also standing up very well now, and can let go for a few seconds and stand unassisted. That really scares me because I think he will walk soon, too soon.

Athena in 10 years, if she follows my footsteps...
Last night I made the baked mac n cheez from the uncheese cookbook and it was really good. I don't have a picture because my camera was missing for a few days.:( I'll make it again though.


Luci said...

How cute! That's how fast Elise got a bunch of teeth too, but then we've had no new ones for a long time. She chipped one recently on the bathtub, remind me to show you! yes, the clove oil in the gummomile probably burns a bit but probably has a numbing effect after the burn? Who knows. Athena looks way cute in those glasses!

julia said...

I need to look into your other teething remedy. Sometimes Ollie is all about the gumomile, sometimes he hates hates hates it.

I tried it on my gums a bunch of times too, just to sympathize (or is it empathize?) with him, and it just sort of tingled. I liked it just fine. I just worry mostly about him grabbing the wand when I go to put it in his mouth, or it getting on his lips or face skin, and it irritating it.

erika_deanne said...

your kids are so dang cute! I luv the one of Athena in the glasses!!