Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Athena's Dad and the shoes I'm wanting

Tonight before dinner Athena said:
"My Dad is more of a man than Dora's Dad." It was hilarious, mostly because it was totally out of the blue, but not really as funny as it sounds.
When I asked for clarification she said "it's just that MY Daddy looks like more of a man and Dora's Dad is more of a Papa". We have a Dora book and her Dad is referred to as "Papa" which to Athena means Grandpa so I think that is what she meant. It was still super funny, she said so many funny things today like "this playdough is getting all over town" and she called me "Mom-ski".

I just bought Rowan a new pair of Isabooties. I then found out they make vegan soft stars though, and now I am so anxious for him to grow and need new shoes. When Athena was a baby I couldn't find any vegan soft soled shoes and now there are so many to choose from.

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lao80 said...

I took part in a soft star co-op once. You have to order a minimum amount 10-15-20 I don't remember what it was. In the end, each pair of kids shoes ended up costing like $13. We should find out if they will do a co-op on the vegan kind.

We ordered ours in the summer and I remember the guy saying it wasn't that busy then and how winter was much busier. So, maybe we should find out about it but wait until Jan. or Feb.