Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's been cooking.

Warm kale salad that I thought looked pretty.
Tacos with barf colored chipotle sour cream, so good though.
My first chickpeas that didn't come from a can!
The hummus.

I am on a roll right now in the kitchen. For 3 days now I've made dinner without a recipe (just kind of winging it), and everything has been good.
Sunday I made seitan stroganoff, but I used broccoli instead of mushrooms because that is what I had. It was tasty.
Monday I made a lentil coconut curry with rice that was so good.
Tuesday I made tacos and a warm kale salad. I also used my pressure cooker to make chickpeas and they tasted so good fresh. So this morning I of course made hummus and tonight I am thinking chana masala!


julia said...

Oh that hummus looks really good. I'm impressed that you made seitan stroganoff without a recipe! that's badass!

GTM currently has the little indian spice packet things for a chickpea sauce. I can't remember the exact title (not channa masala, though).

veganmomma said...

julia, thanks i just pickedsome of those packets today, they've been good!