Thursday, October 15, 2009

MoFo Day 15

Yep, I missed a day. I usually blog after the kids are in bed but last night I fell asleep with the kids on accident and just couldn't bring myself to get back up. I didn't have a fabulous post planned anyway, so no big loss, but I really wanted to succeed this month! I was just going to say that my kids LOVE the idea I borrowed from this blog for "banana sandwiches". They have snacked on it the past 2 days.

Tonight I made this soup again and these muffins again. For the kids it was just oven roasted potatoes with lots of dulse, tamari roasted chickpeas, and garlic bread. I also tried a tuscanlope today which is a lot like a cantelope. It tasted almost the same to me but the outside looked different (not much though).

That is Rowan's plate. You can see the tuscanlope:)

Here is a picture of the soup when it just started cooking in the crockpot.And here is the finished soup!

Athena has the day off tomorrow so we are planning on doing something special, her choice, for the day. I feel like it's Friday, woo hoo!

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Yummy looking soup. I bet it was nice falling asleep with the kids - and you obviously needed it.