Friday, October 09, 2009

Vegan MoFo Day 9 - nothing to say

I wasn't sure what I was going to post about tonight. Our dinner was nothing special, Amy's burgers with lots of fixin's, kale chips, and oven fries (again). I almost had a complete disaster with the fries because for some reason my oven heated to 500 when I turned it up to 400. It was insane! Luckily I happened to check on it to flip the fries and noticed the inside thermometer was in the red. That is one thing I miss from our old house. I hate the stove/oven here. It is old and unreliable, I loved the one from our old house that we bought new. At least I got my dream refrigerator when we moved here so I won't complain too much.

I bought 3 cans of pumpkin today so expect to see some baked goods coming soon. I have a pumpkin sitting her waiting to be baked, but it hasn't happened so I caved and bought the cans. I also bought 5 cans of garbanzo beans because they were only 59 cents each for organic beans. I've noticed now that fall is here, I've been stocking up on everything. I think it is kind of strange as it seems to be done completely unconciously. During the summer, our cupboards were bare and we were eating out quite a bit. Now we've only eaten out once in the last 2 weeks and I can't close the cupboard doors. Fridge is stuffed too. I'm looking forward to making this soup recipe this week, veganizing it of course. So, that is about all for now. This weekend is full of soccer games as usual. Athena plays on Saturdays and I play on Sundays. Should be fun!


DJ said...

You play soccer? That's awesome! That fall minestrone soup sounds delish - I know what you mean about stockpiling, I like to feel that i've got at least 30 days of food in the house at all times this time of the year too!!!

veganmomma said...

I just started back playing soccer last month. I played almost my entire life, but took a break in college (i was too busy with my social life:)) Then I played for a few years until Athena came around, played another year until I got pg with rowan. Now I'm finally back, on an over 30's team though! I'm enjoying it and I need the exercise. I pretty much suck at motivating to do anything else so it is really good for me and makes me happy.