Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MoFo Day 27 - Vegan Essentials

Our latest Vegan Essentials purchase arrived today. The jokerz bar has already disappeared into my belly, wow, it was good. It was my first time trying one. I consider it an early Halloween treat to myself:) The 2 canisters of vanilla chai vega will be enjoyed by the entire family. Chris will most likely use the vega sport drink (also haven't tried it yet so this is just a sample of it). Then to round out our purchase...some vegan B12 tabs.

I just baked 45 pumpkin muffins for Athena's class. I signed up to bring snack and instead of buying a couple of bags of veggie booty I had the great idea of baking muffins for the school. Now I am kind of kicking myself, but I think the kids will enjoy it:) Athena doesn't usually eat snack but she is excited to eat the snack that we are bringing! We are also bringing a bowl of strawberries and rasberries as per Athena's request.


denise said...

i'm hoping to come to the fund raising potluck friday night...i am in love with her school and even more so now that moms like you bake yummy treats for snack! when you say "the whole school" you mean like next year, if sea was in kindergarten and athena in first grade sea would still get to partake?

Seitahn said...

I wish we had that much variety in Australia!


Eileen said...

How do you like the Vanilla Chai? Is it something the kids will drink?