Wednesday, October 07, 2009

MoFo Day 7 - Quinoa

Quinoa nachos
Pretty quinoa mixture (spinach, red pepper, and black beans)

We've been eating a lot of quinoa lately, and when I say "we", I mostly mean Chris and I. Athena won't touch it, and Rowan only eats it a bit. We don't have a 'go to' quinoa recipe, so we tend to just throw random stuff with it and then throw that in a tortilla, or serve it with chips. One night we thought it tasted like Indian nachos because the quinoa was curry spiced. I love how versatile quinoa is and enjoy it sweet and savory. Last night I just used up some old stuff from the fridge and it made such a pretty quinoa mixture. I added a few spices and served it with fresh salsa. So, does anyone have a favorite quinoa recipe? I love the terriyaki quinoa from one of Dreena Burton's books, but my husband doesn't do terriyaki:( And, any ideas on getting my picky little Athena to eat it? I'll probably have to make quinoa muffins or pancakes to get that dream to come true!

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