Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MoFo Day 28 - Waffling about waffle irons

I own only one waffle iron, and a silly one at that. My mom picked it up on discount and it is a belgian style maker but in the shapes of farm animals. While I love my waffle iron, I dream of a thinner, crispier waffle. So I'm thinking of asking for a new one for Christmas this year. I feel like having 2 waffle irons in the house might be a bit over kill, but I really think it will get a lot of use since I love making waffles. I also decided I want an electric air popcorn popper. I had one long ago and I don't know why I gave it away. I need to be able to make more popcorn and my pot technique sucks now that we have an electric range. I've pretty much decided that I need to bring popcorn with me everywhere because twice in the last month I've caught 2 year old Rowan eating random, most likely, butter laden popcorn. Both times we were at the playground. One day he was leading a group of toddlers in a found food experiment. They were all shoveling their faces with popcorn they found on the ground (and i have NO idea who left it there)! ew, double gross. The next occasion he was digging into a friend's bag of popcorn and when I told him that it wasn't OK, he shoved a few more handfuls in his mouth. Athena was such an easy vegan to raise. She loves being vegan and never questioned it. Rowan on the other hand, well, he wants to eat the "yucky kind of chicken" (stupid KFC billboard by Athena's school!). My husband and I have always felt that as our kids got older, we would allow them to make their own choices about food, but we meant A LOT older. For now, we will continue to make the decisions, whether Rowan likes it or not:)


thedalyn said...

I worry about how to handle the veganism. I'm completely ok with Eames making his own dietary choices at a certain age, but, like you, I feel like he can't make an informed choice until he's older. And, in the meantime, I want to make sure he has all the same experiences other kids have (you know, halloween candy and the things I loved--even though my parents were health freaks and to this day I've never had Kool Aid or a Twinkie) and not feel...I don't know, deprived is the wrong word. So, keep us informed of the adventure with Rowan!

DJ said...

I love the image of the 'Found Food Expedition' - hilarious! I have the same deal - Rory was weaned vegan and has never been terribly interested in meat and fish, but Megan - Oh Boy! (!_!)
I think a farmyard animal waffle iron sounds great fun!!

Eileen said...

I found it easier to get a "crispy" belgian waffle when we were still using eggs and butter in the recipe. One thing I found that I think helps is too whip the wet ingredients in my vitamix, which incorporates lots of air. I think it simulates the whipped egg whites I used to use and the texture is a little crispier. But you are right - a thin waffle iron may be the way to go. We normally make the Pumpkin Waffles off of PPK.